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12 Things I Went Through While Doing College Applications

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All of high school tells you that your goal is to ace the college application process. No matter how much information you look up and how many schools you research, something always catches you by surprise. From August until February, you courageous college bound seniors will brave these scenarios. Kudos to y’all!

When I sat down and made a complete list of my awards and clubs for the first time…

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I thought I was really something.

Then I got started on my first application.

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Nothing humbles you like seeing all the spaces you don’t have anything to fill, but the applications aren’t so bad once they’re over.

There’s always that one teacher who assigns you a project on a Common Application deadline.

Or at least that’s what we say to ourselves until we breakdown after midnight and get it all done.

It’s hard to handle the stress of the waiting period after applying

Complete with rereading essays I had already submitted, stalking admissions stats, and coming up with improbable worst case scenarios.

But when you finally get an early acceptance letter…

And then

I was like, “Look, ma! I got into college!”

There’s that one friend get into one of my dream schools when I didn’t.

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And it’s not even their top choice!

When you see a letter from a reach school…

That you honestly didn’t think you’d get in to, but did.

But when you get waitlisted by a school that isn’t as prestigious…

And you get all, “They’re not even all that. I got into __________. I don’t need this.”

It’s downright scary when you calculate how much you would need to get financial aid.

There’s no sugar coating this. Just embrace the raw numbers as they are. Many times it turns out that FAFSA won’t actually give you much.

Having to listen to that kid who won’t stop talking about their high test scores…

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and how they didn’t study, but everyone knows they did.

We think we can just apply to win large private scholarships, but then we read the qualifications.

Applicants must have 1000 hours of community service, a 4.0, 10 AP Tests, 4 sports teams, and a Purple Heart – not to mention incredible writing skills and an essay that will surpass everyone else who applies.

And despite all our efforts, the best essay we can come up with boils down to this:

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Hang in there, seniors! Pretty soon all the application windows will close. You will finally only have to focus on end of the year activities and award ceremonies. The spring semester flies by faster than you think.

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