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Signing Up for Senior Year Classes

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Signing Up for Senior Year Classes

When the time comes to sign up for your senior year classes, the popular approach is to take the easy way out, to take three study halls or a couple of gym classes.

However, your senior year is not something to take lightly.

As you prepare your schedule for next year, there are a few things to consider.

Think About College Requirements

Some schools may require you to take certain classes for admittance. If your school offers four years of a foreign language but you stopped at three, prospective schools will be worried.

Check the requirements of the schools you are planning on applying to in order to get an idea.

Take Some Harder Classes

When the admission staff takes a look at your application, they will be looking for strength of schedule, so push yourself.

Take as many AP or post-secondary classes as you can handle. These classes will prepare you for the rigor of college coursework and show schools that you can challenge yourself.

Making straight A’s will be extremely difficult with an AP class in your schedule, but that is no reason to worry. Taking harder classes is more important to colleges than getting straight A’s, so fill your schedule with tough classes as best as you can.

If you take a difficult course load, balancing it with a study hall is fine, but remember what it is for – studying. After all, those classes will be giving you plenty to do!

Stay Well-Rounded

Taking classes outside your comfort zone is expected in the college setting. If you are strong in English, take a biology class to demonstrate that you're willing to explore other interests and skills.

Sign up for an elective to balance things out, but if your schedule is full of tough classes and you do not have room, do not give those up.

Try to relax and not take everything too seriously when considering senior year, but remember your college goals.

Stay focused on what your transcript should look like come time to apply, and signing up for classes will be a breeze!

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